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I am currently setting up a massive mega thread for evolve for the community but i need some help here with some info that i couldn’t find.

If anyone in a game finds some perk buffs with their effect and percentages please post them below so i can add them to the thread under the Wildlife Section. PS. The Wiki is outdated so please do not use that as a source i’m looking only for valid and updated information ^~^ ty !

✓ Everything

Thank you all very much ! feel free to follow my posts for when i release the entire thread i’ve been working on it over a week already.


Blitzleopard: Monster: Climb 60% faster. Hunters: Jump 500% higher.
Reaver: Monster: Armor regens 75% faster. Hunters: Increases Jetpack efficiency by 45%
Cephalodon: Monster: Eat 80% faster. Hunter: Wildlife flees.
Stryder: Monster Increase Movespeed 30%
Steamodon: Both Decrease movement speed ??%


Steamadon is slow hunters with melee hits (monster) and for hunters it’s bullets slow down the monster.


Armadon reduces incoming damage by 10% for hunters afaik.


Nomad is 100% recharge on jetpack, at least in Legacy


I believe it still is, got it yesterday.


Megamouth 25% class CDR
Sloth 15% DI
Venom Hound ?? Poison Dot


Thank you all very much ^~^ totally everything up now and will edit the post


For hunters ? Monsters? Please state which :3


Hunter get 25% Class CDR
Both sides get 15% DI
Both sides get X poison DoT


Any idea what Megamouths do for Monster ??

Also any idea of what mammoth birds do ? or are they not in as an elite


Pounce damage increase. Not sure the exact number. Someone else might know.


Elite Reaver:

  • Monster: Armor Regenerates 75% faster
  • Hunter: User 45% less fuel when flying.

Elite Megamouth

  • Monster: Increased pounce damage by 80%
  • Hunter: Decrease class special cooldowns by 25%

Elite Spotter

  • Monster: Smell range is increased by 150%
  • Hunter: All creatures are visible within the surrounding area.

Elite Nomad

  • Monster: Traversal cooldown reduced by 30%
  • Hunter: Increase jetpack recharge by 100%

Elite Venom hound

  • Monster: Melee attacks poison the hunters.
  • Hunter Bullets poison the monster

Elite Crowbill Sloth

  • Monster:Increase damage output by 15%
  • Hunter: Increase damage output by 15%

Elite Blitz Leopard

  • Monster: Climb 60% faster
  • Hunter: Jump height increased by 500%

Elite Cephalodon

  • Monster: Eat 80% faster
  • Hunter All wildlife runs away

Elite Armadon

  • Monster: Reduce incoming damage by 15%
    -Hunter: Reduce incoming damage by 10%

Elite Mammoth Bird

  • Monster: Ability cooldowns are 20% faster
  • Hunter: Reloading and equip times are reduced by 54%

Elite Marsh strider
-Monster: Increased movment speed by 30%
-Hunter: Increased movement speed by 30%


For the megamouth or the mammoth?


Thank you this is exactly what i needed +1 to you


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