Little Changes Not Listed in the Patch Notes

TRS has always been good about the little details, and I noticed a couple that hadn’t really been mentioned, or if they had been, weren’t given any fanfare.

Firstly, with all of the hype behind Jack, Crow’s Kinetic Rifle fix got lost in the shuffle. Not only is the reticule back to the way it was, but it no longer coats your entire screen in electricity when charged. His scope is actually useful now!

There also used to be a rock plate on the upper right part of the Behemoth’s back that moved really unnaturally when sneaking. This has since been fixed and his animations are smooth as silk.

Anything other small things you guys notice?


Well, umm… There’s that tyrant in broken hill foundry I think that’s in a pool it can barely fit in

Don’t judge him! That Tyrant clearly just likes enclosed spaces!

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Tried killing it as a hunter yesterday just to get it out of the way…I’ve never seen a tyrant run away so fast!

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