Literally Unplayable


So with the hotfix I assume more bugs were created. Just tried to get into a match and was instantly kicked back to the main menu with the message “You have been signed out, please log into a steam account to play.” After brushing that off I try again, get into a match, game starts, long load, in the ship I notice my character looks weird. A lot of his mesh (Crow) is missing, as we jump out I notice the same thing is happening to Markov and Bucket, but not Val.

Continue playing for about 3 minutes, before being sent back to the main menu with the message, “Connection to your previous session has been lost. You’ve been signed out.”

I’d rather have back the “lobby is full” bug than being unsure if the game is going to send me back to the main menu without warning.


I believe I saw a thread about the crow problem, but I don’t know about the other things. Rest assured TRS has always taken notice of problems like these and fixed them as fast as they can :smile:


I hope so, I’ve overall been enjoying the game.


For the crow issue, can you go to the Library in your Steam, right click Evolve, open “Properties”, select “Local Files” tab, and select “Verify Integrity of Game Cache” please? This will most likely fix the character issue you’ve encountered.

Usually the error messages you’ve gotten occur when you’ve lost connection to Steam. If it happens again, please make sure you are still signed in and connected to the Internet on Steam. If it still occurs and you’ve been connected to Steam the entire time, we’ll have to dig into this further.