List of unlockable Hunter Skins?


Just wondering which are available ingame, and via what means (Achievement, Mastery, etc.) I preordered PCMR, thought that gave you a skin set to start :pensive:


You should have the Goliath Savage skin, if I am not mistaken, already unlocked? Also, the elite albino skins will all be unlockable. Each hunter also has an elite skin unlock.


The only unlockable ones I know of are the elite skins which you get Bh completing 3 star mastery with a character

There is 2 other skins for each class but these have to be bought


I thought Hunters also had a Magma/Savage skin. I remember in particular a pic of Daisy with dark red modifications.


The Daisy with red marks on her was part of the Exterminator skin pack which was a pre-order bonus with…er…Gamestop I think (?) as a timed exclusive.


Could be, but I also similar at the store; ‘Blood Eagle’.


Sledge is correct, the red and black daisy with the warpaint is a gamestop time exclusive.