List of things that break Rockwall


In no particular order;

Laser Cutter
Broken environment pieces
Unbreakable ‘stationary’ environment pieces (houses, metal cylinder, etc.)
Thin air


So basically everything?


Your mom :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget Rock Wall.


2 weeks ago, I tested with a friend trying to break rock wall with the laser cutter and also the shield projector, and wasn’t able to. Probably something else blocked it unless you have proof. Daisy problably blocks it because I assume she doesn’t get knocked back by the wall (like she can’t be tongue grabbed)


Most of these are pretty much wrong. The actual answers of what we know so far…

•Incapped Hunters
•Static Objects
•4 Meats
•Occasionally uneven ground
•Broken chunks of environment


thin air :smirk: what about fat air


Do I even want to know what ‘4 meats’ is?


Animals you can eat for four bars of energy/armor. Such as Tyrants or Sloths.


Mixed feelings of relief and disappointment that there wasn’t more to that o.0

Ironically I’ve seen the uneven ground bit happen most often to break part of a wall; which is unfortunate since the majority of the maps are not even. That’s not a bad thing either, seems more realistic to me.


Don’t even want to know what you just put in my head…


Don’t forget wildlife… And minions… And yourself…


It’s funny when you throw up the wall and it’s just two tiny columns to the left and right. Look down and see an Obsidian Grub just looking at you. ^.^


x’D nice one.

Don’t forget that if the behemoth is too close to his own rock wall it will break as well. I don’t think they fixed harpoons and beams such as Val’s medgun, shield etc. breaking the wall either.