List of specific badges anywhere?


Like the Title says, is there a way, other than wait for game letting you play a specific character and look it up yourself at the end of the game?
I mean, the Bucket foreground it not hard to guess, Laz has the Zombie, Griffin unlocks the Tyrant and Hank the Triceratops.

Val - Fur Lady
Laz - Zombie
Caira - Snake

Hank - Triceratops
Bucket - well… that one is obvious…
Cabot - Eagle

Maggie -
Griffin - Tyrant
Abe - Blitzleopard

Markov - Fishhead
Hyde - Werewolf
Parnell - Long neck Lizard

Anyone care helping me making a list?


If you get the Evolve strategy guide it shows you every badge and how to go about unlocking it. Other than that though, I dunno except take notes by hand while playing. I’m old school, sorry. :smile:


I’d like to know this as well. Nothing shows up on google :frowning:
I’ve got Elite Cabot unlocked but not all the Cabot-badges (the eagle one). Is the last one the hunter-quest (app) badge, by any chance?


I have the strategy guide If you wanted to know one or two I would tell you.


Yeah I’ve elited Caira but her final badge (The fluffy feather snake) is not unlocked. It’s not the app! I checked


Thx, ill keep editing them in the OP. Just keep em comming guys :wink:


Caira does have a feathered serpent for the badge you’d get in the app.


werewolf is hyde.

fur lady i believe is val…

long neck lizard is parnell.


The only badge I really want to know about is the male human looking one (Not the zombie) Idk how to get it but I’m trying…


That one is gotten through the app. You will need to find all of the creatures/bones for the bestiary in one biome for it, I forget which off-hand. @Hydrawolf?


oh with this confrimation i am terrified. i do want to start the companion app to get this stuff. but i have never logged on to my2k. i will get reset to rank 1. i just no it lol.


Val’s the Fur Lady and not Maggie!!! Da Fuq?


That one is definitely hunters quest


Maggie = Armadon (The big-headed badge thing with bananas for mouth)


How do you get each of the bald guys? I know one is from the app, but i dont know about the rest


The warrior badges 4 of them are unlocked by getting an elite mastery. one for monster elite, assault elite, support elite and trapper elite.


Hey. Cheers. I have one last request.

The werewolf badges all relate to Hyde progression + app. However there is a last one of them which does not. How is that acquired?


Well can’t say I know about that. I only know of 5 Werewolf badges. one you get when you unlock Hyde, another when you get his tier 1, 2, and 3 done then just the one from the App.


Sorry to necro a slightly older thread, but does anyone know how to unlock the badge background of the ‘V’ shaped “scratch”?


I think that’s from completing one of the tutorials quickly.

Edit: Anyone know anything about the crossbones and hexagon backgrounds? I’ve never seen them in use.