List of opinions I want to share. (Novice)


So some of these may be already discussed ideas at the forums, but I think that if I share and insist about them, devs will take a look at them. Also I gotta say, I’m more a casual player than a pro, so feel free to tell me in a polite way why some things are not viable:

  • Carrion Birds

I totally dislike this idea. It’s a random ocurrence unfair for monsters who play full stealth, it takes away the work the trapper and support (normally the ones who have to track the monster) would have to do.

Now, I realise it’s rude to ask devs to remove this fantastic idea they had from their game. But could they at least make them appear later into the game? Having my first or second snack ruined by their visit it’s a funny way to get me killed at stage 1.

  • Nerf new Hunters

Yeah, you knew this was coming, you already know the problems, not gonna say more. Well in fact, yes:

There’s something I still don’t find right. Should Gobi from Crow really see monsters in Stealth mode? I mean it has a wide vision range and when escaping with the monster, usually I try to hide behind bushes or rocks. It works normally, and I don’t have a problem with Daisy tracking you because that’s its thing. But having a Cabot dust ability with wings and low cooldown… they could make it weaker, you know?

  • "Not play as X option"

Everyone is asking for this. I don’t want to play an already started game with Goliat bot at its 50% hp. I don’t even want to play monster half of the time. And If I wanted I’d just put it in my first option as it seems there’s a shortage of them. What you are favouring from me is to get into the game, go to the hunters and stay still until I get killed, so in the next game the matchmaking will probably give me a hunter role as I just played as the monster.

And well I think that’s everything I wanted to say.
Thanks for reading.


Without carrion birds it’s impossible to find a monster that does not mess up, and there isn’t many thing you can mess up. Avoid birds, hide in a bush when you hear the hunters jetpack and try to not make too much noise. If you can do that, you are near-undetectable.


The monster is a very difficult role to get used to and I don’t think the tutorial or the AI hunters properly prepares you for that role… as the hunters will chase you relentlessly.

Just keep in mind that if you are not tagged in yellow that it is extremely difficult to spot the monster… and your best option when spotted is to traversal like crazy around the hunters and away from them and THEN sneak to hunt and THEN immediately traversal to another location to keep them guessing, it is always good to keep your armor up while facing them as well, if you become trapped chase down the trapper and get them separated from the group by knocking them away with abilities or your melee and then stealth pouncing them when behind something… I am sure alot of new players have this problem… the monster is def not newbie friendly… also having a high player level will help with abilities, when you jump into pvp and you are low level other players do have advantages over you and it is difficult to keep up… playing alot of custom games can help with that though.


Wow. That necro tho. :open_mouth: :lazarus_cute: Wonder if he even still plays or visits the forums?


Sometimes I read the news, but I prefer not to comment anymore. Evolve’s community is not made for casual players or people that dislike how TRS do things. About playing, well, I don’t have my good PC now, so I won’t be playing it for a while.

Anyway I appreciate his effort to help me. It’s good to see there is people like him here.

If I had an impression from the game the last time I played, is that my level is such a burden. I was like 4-5 levels from the max lvl and that would match me with really good people. Because I play the game casually, normally I wouldn’t be as good as them or a nice match for the monster. And playing as the monster… Well, let’s say my “hiding game” does not work with lvl 40 hunters anymore.