List of my grievances / suggestions


I really hope they are still tweaking the core gameplay because right now there are some things that would improve the game for me far more the Behemoth and new hunters.

Cut the Monster tracks from the game and add more destructibles. Maybe short time tracks after wading trough mud or killing critters. But not the glowing pointers, they turn tracking into idiot mode. Also make the monster slower normally, but have a short time speed boost or enhance its traversal ability. Let it dash away, but than have to resort to hiding. This way the Hunters have to guess, look for clues and even consider splitting up. Right now it always seems to end up in chasing the Monster for forever.

A separate matchmaking league you enter via voice-recognition activation. Maybe as many as supported languages, but let multilingual people sign up for more than one at the same time. I know some might be shy and not talk in the game still, but at least they would all be set up.

Also let me see when some players have joined as friends. It’s quite apparent for now that Monster is the most unpopular choice for most players and I need to know how big my chance is of being assigned.

Give us a deathmatch arena (maybe just a normal map with a permanent dome) than throw a team of hunters and a buffed stage two or a stage three with reduced health in it. No chasing, no hiding just the fighting part. Fun and people would easier learn to use their characters right.

I didn’t like the masteries in the first place, I didn’t like how it looks that a shamelessly pay to win app offers a shortcut to them. And now it comes to my mind that the masteries even screw with the matchmaking. After all if one player has a set of fully mastered characters and than chooses to start on a new one, he wont be as good as the matchmaking algorithm makes him out to be.