List of bugs within the last week of playing


I’ve compiled a list of different glitches/bugs that have occurred to me during the last 3 or so days of playing. All of these are my clips alone. Most all of the glitches I’ve listed have GIFs providing an example of the occurrence. I’ve posted them to reddit (since new users on here can’t post more than two links per post):

Glitch #1 - Instant Win

I’m not sure what exactly happened here, but the monster stood still at the spawn (on the post-game video) and then died instantly. Not really sure what the problem was.

Glitch #2 - No tracks being left behind
This one has happened to me more than once. There have been multiple times where I know a monster was been running/flying/rolling in a certain area and left no tracks to speak of. It is a serious hindrance as a hunter.

Glitch #3 - Frozen Game

This is probably the most frustrating glitch. I notice it happens mostly with the Behemoth. If someone can confirm/deny this occurrence with other monsters, please do so. This glitch sucks the most because of the new system in place where a loss counts towards your record for quitting.

Glitch #4 - Spectator mode as Weak Monster

I’ve seen this posted on the sub a few times, but I thought I’d make mention of it because, once again, it has happened to me. What happened in my case was I spawned into a game with no way to pause/use abilities, etc. All I saw on my HUD was two bars of health, one nearly depleted, with the circles where the monster abilities should have been. Once this character died (I ran into a battle where the hunters where fighting the monster), I was able to take control of the monster.

Glitch #5 - Instant death when leaving dropship

This happened to me as Val and it happened to one of my teammates in a different game. They picked Sunny in that instance. I was on a new map when this glitch happened to me. The instance where it happened to a teammate was on distillery.

Glitch #6 - Behemoth goes ballistic

Not really sure what happened here. Pretty funny to watch though.

Glitch #7 - Worlds Toughest Mammoth Bird

Not really sure if this is a Behemoth glitch or not. Basically, I swiped at a mammoth bird 4 different times before I said screw it and left.

All of these glitches happened to me on Xbox One. I can provide the videos if you’d like, but I didn’t want to spam a bunch of xboxdvr links. If you have any other glitches you’d like to add to this, let me know and I’ll add them on here.