Lissie - Mother (vocal cover)


made this little recording just now. recorded it as a test and if i get feedback about it i might make a decent cover this is just a test as i recorded it today and im sick :frowning: i have the flu my throat is killing me and my nose cant stop flooding all the tissues we have XD also this was recorded on my iphones microphone :smiley: anyway here is the link it is hidden in youtube only with this link you are able to see it as it is just a TEST i cannot stress that word enough XD


Nice voice! I like it! Wish I could sing! XD I’m better at eating cookies than singing though!


omnomnom give me them cookies >:3!!! thank you so much ! :3 i appreciate it :3


wanna tag along when the game is released :D?


Of course! :smiley: That’d be great!