Linux support


The important step is done:

Hey Turtle, let’s rock!

+1 for linux support

Evolve Questions and Answers

it would be on the steam machine then also if this happened :3 it could be cool and would bring ore players :smiley:


I’m very strongly in agreement with this, while the Linux gaming market for desktop PCs is typically 1-2 percent of users, when Steam OS rolls out of beta and the machines are released, the numbers will grow. A lot of developers have already expressed interest in supporting Valve in their push for living room gaming, such as Crytek, DICE, Creative Assembly, Firaxis, etc.

Because of the recent port of the Cryengine version that Evolve is built with, porting the game at some stage wouldn’t be overly difficult. Evolve looks like a great game, Linux support would definitely secure my sale - the users WILL open their wallets to the AAA developers that support their platform. Please leave it open for consideration.


+1 i only buy linux games !


Any update on this? My true love is Linux and if Evolve will let me, I’d like to return to it.