Linux Please


I want to play Evolve on Linux. Will Tuetle Rock be releasing Evolve on Linux?


From my understanding no, haven’t heard any information it will run on Linux or even Mac. Way too late to even add it in, and it’s really up to them if adding support is justified for the time and money for a small userbase. Should just use Windows if you plan on doing PC gaming for the sake of compatibility (or dual boot Windows if that works).


Windows is shitty and I hate it. Hopefully it runs well on WINE.


CryEngine just recently got Linux support. I don’t think you’ll see it in any in-development games. Maybe future games. Regardless, Linux does not deserve games. This is why:


Good point. I mean Windows never crashes. Like the time the Alpha came out and I downloaded the latest nvidia update only for windows to blue screen on me and force me to reinstall Windows. The reinstall then caused my pc to not be able to save a windows install making the pc a brick.

Strangely enough an Ubuntu live USB allowed me to use my PC again, at least temporarily.

But no you’re right. windows is sooooo much better than Linux because you have a screen shot of an error.


Lets keep it friendly here please.


I use Linux all the time at work. My intention is not to put down people who use Linux. My intention is to express anger and disbelief at just how often that specific error screen shows up on RedHat and its derivative distributions. It is one of the least helpful errors for such a common issue. X11 and Gnome should not still be having this problem as often as they do. The Linux community needs to fix the never-ending display problems and stop beating up those who do try to fix things. GNU is one of the worst offenders here. The fact that they thumb their noses at Torvalds himself for calling out their missteps is a huge problem. Want more video games, movies, TV shows, etc? Fix the video problems!

Now true, Ubuntu is really damn good for Linux. Compared to my RedHat machines the Ubuntu ones are as stable as Windows. I have never seen this issue on Ubuntu. Unfortunately, RedHat is common in enterprise environments. It’d be nice if they had a spine like Canonical.