Linked ps4 legacy evolve and pc stage 2 and no behemoth.Y?


I was told that when you sync your account of legacy evolve that owned behemoth you would get behemoth and also all your skins,yet I dont have behemoth,and yes both accounts are linekd on same 2k


There is no account copy from one platform to another. Linking your my2k account doesn’t transfer anything from your ps4 to pc, at least nothing that I know of.

If you had bought Evolve on PC prior to stage two, then you would be a founder and if you had behemoth on pc, you would have him, too.

You just get everything unlocked on ps4 (founder status, behemoth ect) once stage 2 gets released there.


The devs are looking into cross platform founder, but as yet it isn’t possible.


fml ._. whyyy


Because there’s no way to verify what you owned via other platforms. You do not need a My2k account to purchase dlc.