Link the fire of this thread or bring out the age of dark


This is thread where you decide the fate of which the age will be.

here is where you will go to choose a side through this POLL to either fight alongside the light, or fight with the dark.

After you have chosen the side you want to go to battle with, you use anything in your fight that revolves around the side you chose.

#now choose your side!


  • The Dark

  • The light



Is thou stealing my idea’s?

cogh cough forum fight thread cough cough


@Maximumlimit15 Maximum your age of Dark shall never come. The age of fire shall continue on forever!


Who said I was evil ;-;




#Thou shalt not bring about the Age of Dark!


Attacking dragon bros as well now?


Your abyss shalt not consume the light!


Join the dark si-

crap, wrong meme

Long live the age of dark!


Long live the age of Light!


The light is but an illusion! Long live the dark!


I don’t mean to alarm you folks, but the Age of Hollows is at hand…



(It’s a hollowslayer greatsword FYI)


Who said darkness was evil? The age of dark is the age of man! Embrace the darkness and usher out the age of the gods!


Do not listen to these lies @Maximumlimit15 instead join and stay with the light.


Lowly god sympathizer! The dark shall not be kind to you…


I love this thread.


All hail to the dark!


You bring the light. But it betrays you. It knows you are unworthy of its toxic gleam…


You shall not win! the Age of fire shall last forever!


Embrace the dark!