Link evolve to psn



I’ve purchased evolve last year and I want to share my “Founder” Bonuses on my PlayStation Network account.
Can I link those accounts?

Sorry for my english. :bucket_salute:


Unfortunately, Founders status will be exclusive to whatever Founder’s status you get it for. It won’t carry over.


Thank you. And do you know if the crossplay is enabled? Nice image sensei


Crossplay’s not on because the consoles aren’t even patched, but crossplay wasn’t enabled to begin with, that is a good thing to ask for in the future though.


The game at large is still in beta phase, that’s why it’s only on steam. We are lucky that everyone’s invited for beta :stuck_out_tongue:


So this I confirmation it wont be possible?


We still have to investigate if it’s possible, there’s a big list of things that we are working on to keep supporting the game.


Yeah I don’t think that’s in the works, but it also was not a thing also for Legacy Evolve. Maybe later down the line that can be a thing, but as of right now, it isn’t really.


10-4 thx bubby. Happy hunting.:smiley: