Lines that you always misheard


Anyone else have lines that you heard in a movie or game and you always thought they were saying one thing but they were saying something else?

For example awhile back on CoD4 the Arab (maybe a different nationality, dunno really) would say a line in Headquarters that I always heard wrong for like a whole year.

He said, “Headquarters located!”

What I always heard, “There it is go get it!”

Made me chuckle every time I heard it and still does today when I think about it.


This is why I usually have all the subtitle options on when possible.


Did you just tell me to fuck off in Martian?

Lol that was my first thought. None off the top of my head but I miss-hear things all the time.


Yeah I sadly have the subtitles on too mainly because a lot of the time words are missed because Michael Bay makes a surprise appearance in the background and because I usually have things at max volume up to the breaking point of “Tolerance.”

Can’t talk smack about subtitles. It’s how it helped me to read way back on PlayStation. Helped me be more literate than most of the nitwits that I called classmates.


I misread this.

Not sure why, but for a moment I really thought Evolve named an arena location after very, very dry male genitalia.



######I have a dirty mind…


Damn straight. I was raised by a mostly deaf mother, so I grew up with subtitles, to the point of I wasn’t even listening to the show. However to show for that, I could read at college level at 4th grade. I just had no idea wtf I was reading lol.



Yeah other classmates be struggling with a sentence while I’m over on the next page reading ahead…



It’s close enough…

Although I’d hate to fight on such a surface…

“Argh! All these black trees keep getting in the way! And the brush is so freaking thick!”


it took people 30 years to realize the quote was:

"No, I am your father!"
not “Luke, I am your father!


In the English dub of the original Yugioh, in the opening song, the singer says ‘your move’ . I always heard it as Yugi for some reason, and only figured this out about a month ago


Dammit! You already said it! I was so close!..Oh wait I have another one

Like is like a box of chocolates


Life WAS always like a box of chocolates

What’s wrong with me?


I thought it was, "Life is like a box of chocolates. "

######Also you have a typo.


I don’t see it : /


Right here.


OH! I see it now!

Thank ^.^