Limited Skin event for Evolve Quest app game

There is a limited event taking place soon on the EVOLVE Puzzle Quest game available for IOS and Android users. Its a custom skin for Markov and of you earn it you will be able to equip it I’m the main game of EVOLVE. Just sign in with your 2K account information. Just wanted to share this with enough time to the community members. Game is free to download on your smartphone or tablet.

There is already a topic about this.

Here’s the topic in question

There was an update for the application explaining the event for Markov artic skin. I was unaware of the subject being started but I was just spreading the word. The application explains how the limited time event works.

Hmm… I closed it but a post didn’t pop up. Well anyway it’s closed since the topic already exists. Thanks anyway though for trying to keep us up to date @JLEGENDARY :smile:

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