Limit max skill levels based on monster stage level


From what I’ve been seeing its almost standard practice now for 30-40 player level monsters to max out their nuke skill (rock throw/lightning strike) then basically be able to wipe a team even at stage 1 just through nuke damage alone. Early game is rather important for hunters and if monsters are just as powerful at stage 1 in terms of nuke skills as stage 3, well it heavily tilts the favor for the monster. Specially with some of the nasty hitbox issues involving rock throw. Given how a lvl 3 nuke skill can nearly instant-kill anyone with 1 strike, and just about kill anyone with two, it makes it all too easy to just hit a nuke skill swoop in and you get a free strike on that player early game even though your stage 1 and should (for all intensive purposes) be trying to mitigate damage rather than dealing it. Its even worse with the already problematic wraith who can either lvl 3 supernova and wipe any one player given the chance, lvl 3 decoy and basically have it do your damage for you, or lvl 3 warp blast and never get domed because of its escape range.

So I would suggest either restricting lvl 3 skills to stage 3, or restricting max skill level to your stage lvl (IE max lvl 2 skills for a stage 2). Though Im sure some here would think that too be too harsh. So at least restricting lvl 3 skills would help the shenanigans of taking easy strikes from a stage 1 monster.


No. You clearly have no concept of what is required in high level play. No monster is maxing rock throw at level one and wiping out a coordinated team. Flexibility and versatility are the name of the game if you want to survive. Winning at stage one simply means you far outclassed your opponents.

This limit is unnecessary.

P.S. FYI rockthrow does exactly 50 percent of a hunters HP with no damage perk or buff at rank 3. It doesn’t even one shot a 2 strike hunter.


I agree ^.


Lets refraim from the completely unfounded personal insults and stick to the facts shall we? Even if you dont win at stage one you have done strikes rather easily against the team which only continues to tilt it in your favor.


If the monster pours 3 skill points into one skill at S1, it is essentially sacrificing all of its other skills in favor of one powerful skill. It still does not have the damage output of a S2 or S3 monster, nor does it have the durability of them. All of the AoEs are “dodgeable”. IMHO, I think its more risky for the monster. I personally favor 3 vortex as kraken because helps me to shake off the chase if I get caught at S1.

Also, teamwork here. if your medic is getting targeted by a lvl 3 RS/LB/SN, then you should be taking the pressure off them. Hank can easily shut down the attempt, and if you switch to taking out Hank then the medic is free to heal him. That’s just an example, but in reality all of the hunters have a way to hamper the monster, especially at S1. On just the trapper side: Harpoon traps, harpoon gun, Stasis nades. And the medic side: tranq darts, cloaking + rezzing, self heals. It is actually very difficult to get more than 1 strike, if that, against a competent team at S1. All of the “nuke” skills are point AoE, so a very effective counter against them is to just spread out.

Trust me, it is NOT as easy as you are making it sound.


Hold up, no insults were thrown. Don’t take my bluntness for insults. I’m merely stating the truth.

If you feel a stage one monster is OP in any way, then you’re doing it wrong. Current stage one monster win rate is 12.8 percent or something like that. And I assure you that all of those matches were against very unskilled opponents, or very bad mistakes were made.


A stage 1 Monster win is nothing else than a tremendous failure from the Hunters side.