Lilo & Stitch Appreciation Thread


Growing up dude, I absolutely LOVED this show. I still have all of the movies, and a couple episodes saved to my DVR. Anyone else ever seen it? If so, which experiment was your favorite and why?

For me it was Sparky. Cool electric dude, and the OG experiment. The guy can generate huge amounts of electricity, and BECOME IT. Even his job is hella chill. He just gets to chill at the beach and power a lighthouse. What’s not to like?


OG Stitch is best Stitch.


I absolutely loved this show. Sad it ended.


Of course he’s the best Stitch, there is only one 626!


The show was awesome though, every episode was good and the end when all of them got together was cool!


Fun fact, there are actually 630 experiments.

Also, I highly agree with your second comment.


I thought there were more…isn’t Leroy above Stitch?

But, yes! Such an epic episode, now I want to watch it. I never understood how 625?..never utilized his powers but instead just ate sandwiches all the time (also, his sandwich building game on was so much fun as a kid)


Well, in the Japanese Lilo & Stitch anime it was revealed that there was a bio-organic Experiment 0, so that makes 627.

In one Lilo & Stitch episode, Jumba made a 627 that was pure evil, and at the end it showed him hiding a 628 pod, which makes 628 and 629.

Then you have Leroy. 630.

Yeah, I guess he just chose laziness over his own physical exertion. And yes, that game was the shit!


Aww, the more you know! Learn something new every day


I never watched Lilo and Stitch. I was a Cartoon Network kind of person. I never really liked Disney.


Get out, and take Val with you.


Oh I will

10 char