Lil hype train

So there was a forum i just read and someone was asking when MG was coming out. If you all have or have not seen this well the forum is closed…By who? LadieAuPair and said the message with Heheheheeeehee and a emoji. Lil HYPE


… I’ll start shoveling coals, Lets get this hype train up and running!

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I’m not sure what “it” is

What exactly is “it”?

What are we talking about here?

It refers to Meteor Goliath. And Hype Trains are bad for your health.




Last time.I hopped on the hype train right after Lennox release I had to wait 2 months for jack and hunt 2.0

I was so disappointed I had to take an evolve break…

All aboard!!!

There i fixed that, and it’s pretty funny and cool to see her do that. always. running ;like a hype. train/. downhill

I saw this store today.