Like this idea? Additional abilities for Monsters. BeheMoth With Lava Fisticuffs! :D

I think monsters should maybe be able to have an extra ability available only once per stage. Maybe it’ll bridge the gap for competitive and casual gameplay. Maybe not.

Infernal Rage: Goliath bursts into a violent rage that recharges his armor full instantly.

-The armour Glow brightens to full capacity and makes a more intimidating look

-*is invincible during the roar animation and 3 seconds after roar animation to be able to move out of the animation-locked spot

-Makes Fire Breath last for 8 seconds in total time and increases in range but only with melee

-activates fire breath with every melee

-*fire breath also absorbs the time it lasts

-Can hold melee button to shoot out fire breath after melee sequence and can release the melee button to continue melee.

For Lore: *The resulting of a Meteor Goliath is because sometimes an Original Goliath can go into such a rage that his physical form changes as his temperature rises until it turns blue and his fists and shoulders become biological vents to exhaust the flames from burning too hot for his body to sustain. Over time, this species of Goliath developes an immunity to it’s own heat. Soon it adapts to it’s new regular heat and learns how to sustain his flames to be concealed for stealth. It also learned to adapt his flames for combat and his Fire Breath to reach maximum range.

-the Meteor Goliath and other monster adaptations DO NOT have this ability option for lore reasons


Decoy Dupilcation - The Wraith releases a warp. The Wraith enters the warp and performs a decoy as soon as it enters which causes a DNA splitting due to the warp’s inability to teleport 2 biological beings at once. Since the decoy was able to sustain enough of a DNA during the splitting, the decoy grew to a more solid state molecularly, solid enough to become and exact duplicate of the original Wraith. Due to the warp not being able to hold for long, it closes and teleports them just out of range of merging, thus creating the clone. Sometimes, during this process, the warp is made more unstable and closes more quickly at the middle of splitting and opens that causes her molecular structure to double in size instead of splitting causing her to retain more power and creates her adaptation. This adaptation retains about 2x times the power of the Original Wraith, but it uses about 25% of it’s new power to keep her molecules stable enough to retain form. So she uses the other extra quarter of new strength to her decoy. It splits into 2 regular Wraiths at half health each. One is a tank with low damage and the other is a squishy burster with high damage. (The player controlled one is the squishy burster) whichever dies first results them morphing back together into its adaptation.

How this decoy works;

-Both spawn invisible

-The AI tank just goes after the hunters with about 50% more health but does 50% less damage

-The AI controlled clone can’t go back to being invisible after being shot at

-The player-controlled one does about 50% more damage but takes 50% more damage

-The player-controlled clone stays invisible unless shot at and stays invisible while attacking

-The adaptation can do this twice instead of once, but it has 50% less armor at all stages due to the energy being saved for the extra decoy


Lightening Rod - The Kraken stretches his winged tentacles and absorbs electrons that sit idle in the atmosphere charging his cells to retain more of a capacity of power. Sometimes, during a thunder storm, the Kraken would absorb a lightening’s bolt of electricity causing his cells to be supercharged. This rapid increase of power causes his molecules to shift into a more reserving state that change his form to retain the electricity without crashing from over-loading. This new form is results in his adaptation.

The Adaptation’s passive ability:

Over time, due to his supercharged state, the Kraken Adaptation learns to distribute his new power to his winged-tentacles to produce a more devastating Lightening Strike. The Lightening Strike now has more AOE, but due to the amount of energy needed, he only has 2 traversals instead of 3 and his other abilities do 10% less damage.

-His other abilities do 10% less damage

-Only has 2 traversals instead of 3

-Lightening Strike now does more damage with a bigger AOE

Now how this ability works with a Regular Kraken:

-His Lightening Strike now recharges more quickly

-His other abilities lose 15% in damage


Ability- Lava Fisticuffs

Description: During Battle, a Behemoth was seen performing what looked like a Fissure. This Fissure was different though. The shockwave splitted from the center of impact in a full 360 diameter inflicting damage on everything it touched. During this process, the Behemoth roars while glowing the color of lava. His fists begin to exhaust rings of fire like his Lava Bombs. Survivor reports says it does half damage as the regular lava bombs but lasts for almost 20 seconds. Whenever a hunter gets meleed or within range, they’ll catch on fire and burn from the rays of fire.

-does half the damage of regular lava bombs

-lasts 17 seconds

Sometimes, during this rush of heated energy, the Behemoth will release enough fiery power at once that it’ll create a rupture with the tectonic plates of the surface increasing the depth of the quake making it bigger in radius. When this eruption of rock and lava breach the surface, the Behemoth absorbs the concentrated raw power and focuses the heat to his fists and becomes more radiant with the heat of energy and changes his form to become his adaptation.

For the adaptation:

-lasts forever

-does only 25% of lava bomb damage

I’ll be making up Abilities for Kraken, Wraith, Behemoth and the new monster.

Hope ya like my lore for these @Matthew :slight_smile:

Got Ideas for the other monsters or just wanna comment? Go ahead! :slight_smile:


All I see is a crutch ability that rewards Monsters who aren’t playing well. Fight not going the way you want it or get caught while evolving? Press the panic button for full armor and bonuses.


Know what.
I like this explanation.
Good job Rusty.


True but hey. It only regenerates the armor and it only allows FB to last for 8 seconds for every melee and a melee takes like 1.2 seconds (totally estimated and so not the most accurate) so it’ll run out pretty quickly. The invincibility only lasts for 3 seconds so experienced hunters can’t just wipe out the armor with an orbital and doesn’t last long enough for him to deal any real damage without becoming exposed to death’s hand again.

I have been inspired eyes sparkle

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Well, in Evacuation mode, one of the stages is called Wraith Trap, so named because the Power Relay is near, well, a trapped Wraith. If the Hunters lose this stage in Evac, the trapped Wraith gets so PO’ed that it rips the fabric of reality a few new ones, resulting in teleport points for the Monster to use in the next Evac stage.

Maybe this could be the Wraith’s “panic button” ability like your Infernal Rage is for Goliath? Wherein the Wraith thinks really hard and rips open some random teleport holes around the map? For balance purposes, the teleport holes would be completely randomly placed, and the Wraith player would have no idea where they’d go.

Ooh ooh! Maybe for balance purposes the Hunters could each have a “panic button” ability too? I got some ideas for the Tier 1 Hunters and one for the Tier 5 Trapper, Jack.

  • Markov - Tsar Bomba - Huge electrical explosion upon his demise.
  • Hank - Friggin’ Laser Beam - Hank’s Laser Cutter becomes a continuous beam for increased damage.
  • Maggie - Puppy Love - Daisy teleports to Maggie upon KO and begins reviving her.
  • Val - Good Night - Val’s Tranq Dart combined with Abe’s Tracking Dart. Kill two birds with one dart! Or one monster, anyway.

And for Jack - Orbital Drill - 'Nuff said.

I had this in a post of how far are the monsters limits type thing. Wraith can control the void, boost her stats, turn invisible and (as you said) you the fabric of time creating “Worm Holes” as I like to call em.

So like it used to be.

Excuse me? Where? I want to see it!

In something.
Can’t remember.
But Hank’s Laser cutter used to be a beam.

Holy cow, that’s amazing

Uh the game is in favor of the hunters so that would make them too OP. That’s why in ESL monster barely wins :confused:


I would think the Monster panic button abilities we’re thinking of would balance this out? I’m not a balance expert, but it would feel more fair if everyone had a panic button ability. Maybe those for the Monster morph it into its more powerful variant (like OP was suggesting).

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Also, suggestion for OP - maybe rename this thread (if threads can be renamed) to “Panic Button!” :smiley:

EDIT: I just realized I was replying to the OP of this thread the whole time. Derp.

But I’m telling that that can not work. The balance is in favor of the hunters and it’ll make them even more powerful which is a hazard we want to avoid. Since you think it’ll be fair for optional reasons, shouldnt that mean monsters should be able to pick from more than 4 abilities since the hunters can choose which combination of abilities for and from EACH hunter? I’m just sayin :confused:

I’m confused as to what you mean, Rusty…I get it that you’re trying to prevent Monsters from getting annihilated too quickly. But the last sentence about “the hunters can choose which combination of abilities for and from EACH hunter” - I don’t know what you’re trying to say. The Hunter Panic Buttons I’m suggesting would be specific to that Hunter alone, and the other four things each Hunter has wouldn’t be affected.

Keep in mind a couple of things I want to bring up, about balance between Hunters and Monster:

  • Choices for Hunters and Monster aren’t revealed until everyone locks in their decision and the match is about to start. This is for a good reason, to prevent poor matchups from happening (most of the time).
  • When a Monster reaches Stage 3, it can whoop Hunter ass all over town. It’s not a guaranteed “I win” button, but Evolve is set up so that you have the advantage when you play as a Monster in Stage 3.

All this being said, I have a Panic Button ability I thought of for the Kraken! Behold:

Eye of the Storm

The Kraken, under stress from being attacked by Hunters, gains a moment of clarity where it uses its anger to whip the air around it into a frenzy, creating a massive tornado with it at the center.


  • A tornado appears around the Kraken. Hunters who happen to be caught in this tornado get thrown back, and take damage if (and only if) they hit a wall or other obstacle.
  • The tornado also bends the path of bullets that enter it. Ergo they’re more likely to miss (but ones that actually get through do their usual damage).
  • This goes without saying, but the ability for Hunters to see the Kraken clearly would be reduced because of all the dust and other nasty stuff whipped up by the tornado.

I still gotta think of one for Behemoth. But hopefully the points I raised above make sense…and I hope you like my Kraken Panic Button :slight_smile:

Oh I see whatcha mean but what I was saying is that monsters only get to pick from four abilities to use against the hunters. The hunters get to choose from 4 characters (5 for Assualt and trapper now) which each come with 4 abilities and the hunters can communistic are to pick which hunters to use to create synergy. Monster only have 4 abilities in all to use to counters those almost limitless combinations and strategies. Hunters don’t need any more buffs anyway and I think it’ll be unnecessary. Anyways only monsters should have something like this because they’re monsters.

I disagree highly with this. It just feels like it’d be unfun and annoying to hunters for no real gain, and it’d be too gimmicky to fix the imbalance in higher level play.

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