Like a cat playing with a mouse


Does anyone else like to leave one hunter alive just so you can hunt him as a monster? It is the best as kraken. The hunter runs for his life then you just drop down right in front of him.


LOl i’ve let a hunter live before just so i can kill him last easily, u actually make him run? lmaoo


I do that with Daisy


I sometimes let the last one live so the dropship timer can count down.

#Only so I can kill them all over again


I do love that last hunter kill, so satisfying!


The best thing is when you land in front of the last hunter as the kraken and sneak attack him. Just letting the hunters know that the game would have ended there, but then release the hunter to let them know that I’m not done having fun with them. :wink:


how do you even release when sneak pounded i still havent found that out :stuck_out_tongue:


If I remember correctly (Mind me I don’t try to get out of a sneak pounce very often :stuck_out_tongue: ), all you have do is press Ctrl.


Wich is on xbox ;P?


I dunno. Which button do you guys use to crouch?


B :stuck_out_tongue: thank you i know enough right now haa :stuck_out_tongue: