Lights Out


So I love, love, love horror flicks. And I’m obsessed with every movie James Wan has directed in the genre. Some of his movies:

Saw (the original)
Dead Silence
Insidious I, II
The Conjuring

I’m looking forward to The Conjuring II now and he’s directing the upcoming Aquaman (not horror, I know).

This one may top the cake though. It’s the first I’ve heard of it, and aren’t those the best movies?

James Wan isn’t directing, David F. Sandberg has taken the reigns, but it has the same feeling as his horror films.

So @Insane_521 and @Miel, how do you guys fare with scary movies?
Or is it just the games that freak you out?


Is it based on that horror short? 'Cause it seems to be

Looks promising btw!


Yep! Same director of that 2013 short




Hey, here’s a bright idea: Leave the lights on and gtfo xD


Puns are the best. :smile:

This film looks awesome though. Loved all the films you listed Envy. Can’t wait for this one.


Thank you for noticing and appreciating my pun, fellow pun appreciator. :joy: lmao


A good pun isn’t to be taken lightly. :wink:

I think saw and dead silence were my favourites from the list.

22nd July seems so far away. I hope this is going to be worth the wait. :smile:


Ok, come on. This is a little much…


Maybe she’s allergic to the sun, man.




I’ll totally watch this! I like these kinds of cheesy horror movies.


Why did I watch this alone, at night, with the lights off?

This movie looks great! I like how they diverged from the standard ghost/devil/undead villain and decided to focus on the actual sense of fear and dread. Specifically, that subconscious fear when you think you see someone in the dark, then turning that into an actual danger.


Did you watch the short too?


That short scared da fuk outta me.


I did. I love how something so simple can be so great. And terrifying, but that’s what makes it great.