Lightning Strike misleading radius

In a number of games against Kraken I have notice that the splash radius isn’t what is indicated by the little bubble, which makes it difficult to dodge while keeping fuel for the following up 3 point Aftershock. I’m not complaining about the range because it’s fine, just tweak the visuals so I don’t think, “Ok, I’m a meter safe of it, all is good.” And then lose half of my health while having a half full jetpack that I could have used to easily clear the radius. So either reduce the radius to fit the visuals or increase the visual size to fit the actual range. Either way, just make them match. Pretty please?

Just a tip: Don’t dodge Aftershock if the Kraken knows what it’s doing. Won’t happen.


Don’t dodge Aftershock? If Aftershock usedd as a way to get Hunters away if they’re in a Kraken’s blindspot or something?

What he means is don’t waste fuel dodging aftershock. Even 3 point Aftershock can be tanked as long as you aren’t getting hit by LS and Banshees, both of which are easily avoidable.

I play a lot of Kraken. I also play a lot of pretty good teams. The reason they beat me is they stay spread apart so that my AS only hits one of them, which they shield or immediately heal burst back to full. Also, beware that higher level Krakens will cast LS behind you so you can’t see it initially, or they will wait until you back yourself into a corner so that your only means of escape means getting hit by LS. Don’t do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m not new. I’ve played Kraken a lot. I use Aftershock to hopefully find and scare away the Laz that I play against every single match. This thread is about a problem I encounter on the other end when I play Hunter and think I’m clear of a LS when I lose half of my health.

Like Elemental said, I meant it’s better to save your fuel really.

That’s my problem, that’s why I made the post. I dodge and get clear of the weird dome thingy and stop using fuel, but I get hit anyway even though I was 1-2meter(s) outside of the shown radius.

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This is also a problem with warp blast. I never know when it’ll hit me and when not. The visuals indicate a blast radius of 2-3 meters lol. So many times I got hit by that ability when I thought I’m out of range :frowning:

The visuals don’t match the actual effect radius. Where some visuals do scale (vortex, flame breath, aftershock, fissure ect), others don’t. And that’s confusing.

With Warp Blast you have to guess, Kraken’s LS shows a dome of where it will hit, but you still get hit even when clear of that. I think Goliath’s Leap Smash used to have the problem but I think they’ve remedied that. My problem with Wraith is Abduction bugs.

Unless youre on a high ledge where you stay in the air longer and retain your momentum.

dont ever try to dodge aftershock

dodge the vortex heavy

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Yeah, dodging a stage 3 aftershock really isnt worth it now, its OP as hell. At the other stages you can dodge it though, as long as you are in a good position to do so.

People seem to be more focused on Aftershock than Lightning Strike here

well, yea, it is the most glaring problem that kraken has currently.

Imo, LS should be buffed to where it should move much faster but have a smaller radius as compensation. Taht way it would be a skillshot. also, put more damage into it by taking that away from AS.
You want to use AS in a way that is totally cheesy? Fine, but it doesn’t fo all that damage.

quite honestly though, I would prefer it to be used the way it was meant to, not the way it is being used currently.

This post is about Lightning Strike’s misleading radius. Not Kraken’s problems or Aftershock. Aftershock has no place in this thread.

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ok, The radius is a little hard to notice like Warp blast’s radius, but if it was shrunk down and the speed at which it moved was increased I would be happy since it would be the size that you would expect it to be. :slight_smile:

It’s not that it’s hard to tell, it’s that it shows a little dome where it will strike, but outside the dome it still hits. So, it’s more than “hard to tell” it actively misleads you and has resulted in my death numerous times. It’s not something I can learn not to do again because I will always want to save fuel and never know if I’m still in the range or not.

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If you look at the animation and the way it bubbles sometimes you’re in the bubble even though it looks like you’re not because of perspective

Hmm, never took that into consideration. I’ll do some testing in Custom to confirm I am definitely not in the bubble when I take damage.

What i think is weird is the knockback radius seems to be wider than the damage radius. Sometimes if you barely dodge youll receive no damage but get sent flying.