Lightning Hyde


Ok, so I was playing a bit of QP, when my Hyde had red lightning all over him. I recorded it, but the video is still uploading.

TRS, is this Hyde’s variation? Is it coming early?


Out of curiosity, was the monster Elder Kraken?


I can say it’s not with certainty. They need an actual update to put characters in, and we haven’t gotten one of those yet.

Chain Lightning puts that effect on a Hunter when they’re hit/chained.


That’s what I thought. Probably a visual bug regarding chain lightning.

Edit: Assuming it’s a bug anyway. :wink:


Sounds like that graphical bug where the lightning effect never disappears (imagine being on fire permanently, but with red electricity). I’ve had that happen to me before.


The variation thing was a joke. And the round of Arena hadn’t even started, the lightning was surrounding me throughout the entire round. Probably just a visual glitch, like The_Little_Jay said. And it looks like the PS4 didn’t record the video (the words On Air must’ve stayed gray). I got a pic tho.