Lightning Gun Question For TRS


I’m trying to find out how much damage the lightning gun does per clip, and I keep coming up with different values. This doesn’t happen to me with other weapon damage tests. I’m testing with perks and masteries disabled. With a full clip I’ve gotten 3 different values against monsters under very similar tests:


What factors are at play in the lightning gun? Does range matter for damage? Is it hitting limbs and doing less damage even though it’s specifically not supposed to do that? Do monsters have multiple hit locations that the lightning arcs can jump to based on the positioning of Markov and the monster (therefore adding addional arc damage)? I’m currently at a loss as to why these numbers are different in tests that seemed exactly the same. Any chance of @MacMan throwing me a bone here on why this is weird?

Was an info-graphic image ever released for Blitz Markov?
Mystery Solved? How I think that the Lightning Gun actually works

Is there any chance that there was some other form of wildlife nearby? Cuz chain damage and all that


Actually i’d like to hear that also.

But also if we are taking about 20-30 damage difference…Its kinda unnoticable


No, I’m testing with friends playing as monster that are just standing still so I can shoot them with different weapons under different conditions.


Hm. Are you testing it on all the same monster? Or are these tests from Goliath, Kraken and Wraith?


I’ve gotten all 3 of these values against a Goliath (and most of them against Kraken too).


maybe armor regeneration factors in a weird way?


Land in.
Goliath just stands there.
Unload full clip into him.
Different values.
Now, which direction do you have Goliath facing? Try having him face towards you, away from you, then sideways and see if that changes value because who knows, maybe thats a thing


All of my testing indicates that armor does not regen while taking damage.


Goliath’s facing direction has not been uniform. I’ll try that next time, as I had not thought of that being an issue (aside from the fact that I suspected that perhaps limbs are actually reducing damage slightly).


Ah, let me know if that changes anything.
Gotta check every variable with these things


from what i understand, the lightning gun deals more damage the closer you are to the target


since the lightning gun doesnt work on head shots and weak points, i assume it is not effected by the .5 reduced damage when firing on limbs


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