Lightning Gun bug?


If Markov uses the Lightning Gun then the monster is unable to pounce him, this doesn’t seem intentional.

Pounce interrupted by pouncee's weapon a bug?

Its intentional, the rate of damage is so high that it breaks the pounce animation on its own


There is a very short moment when the monster pounces where he can be interrupted so it is intentional. :smile:


The gun itself barely does dmg, if it’s intentional then any hunter should be able to do this.


Yep, any and all hunters can do it by shooting the monster


No they can’t?


Yes, its just a bit harder with some


Never seen it happen before, only with Markov.


Hyde and Markov have the best luck with it due to the small increments between damage being dealt


Ive had alot of trouble with this do you star firing at some moment or just hold the trigger? Because i get pounced by monsters i am actively fighting all the time and ive just given up facing players because of it, and yea its that bad for me, idk if its just terrible luck of the draw, but every person i play pounces through the entire match, and i cant break it, i gotta wait for teammates but theyve usually been sent tumbling or it takes more than intended yo get them off


I usually just hold the trigger, he’ll knock you down for a second then he’ll pop off, just shoot as fast as possible and you’ll have a chance of breaking it but its not guaranteed


I dont like no guarantee, i dont see a reason to fight then, i can sometimes break it with markov but theyll just follow and pounce agin anyways and ill eventually have to switch to my machine gun, that pretty much wont stop it, why fight at all? Itll all just be rinse and repeat in these matches and its becoming exceedingly common


That’s really odd, because I have had countless instances of playing with Hyde and a monster pouncing straight through my flamethrower (no break in the red hit-marker, either). Maybe it’s easier to pounce through flame damage? Pounces are cancelled automatically with the minigun though.


Well if you’re alone then you’re kinda screwed but at least your team can knock him off of you


Yeah Hydes flames are hit or miss for some reason, sometimes you’ll block 4 in a row, othertimes you’ll be on your ass wondering what happened


I just want to fight, even with a team enough damage is done once the monster is off just to finish the disoriented hunter, but alone, in combat, you should be able to break it but i almost never can unless im lucky with markov


If you get pounced mid combat and they deal enough damage to get you down to near incap, you need a better team


Thats the problem, even with drilling into the monster you have at the most half health coming out of it, after that youre done this is what happens, all the time its ridiculous


Pounce does damage in between a light and heavy attack, and it takes a good while to get any respectable damage done, so in combat pouncing really shouldn’t be a big deal


What @Quirkly and @Jedi_Warrior said, since Markov’s lightning gun does consistent damage it’s able to interrupt pounce. Arch mines have also saved my hyde :smirk: