Light pollution is ruining the night sky :(


literally see half the stars on this picture if I were to look at the night
this is what were supposed to see and I would just love to see that with my own eyes
light pollution is just horrible why?


Pleasures of the city vs. The beauty of nature. Pick where you want to live wisely.


id rather look at them stars then have lights just look at that I mean


Then move to the country. Had views like that every night in Montana. Also had to drive nearly 2 hours to go grocery shopping. Everywhere has good and bad sides to living there.


I live in the middle of nowhere, so I can always see the stars at night.


That’s what it looks like back at my families home. IF you live out of the city its pretty nice.

The thing about the lights is we need to see in the city or it would be chaos.


Yeah, I used to live in the country and the sky was so much nicer. Too bad I had to drive 45 mins to get anywhere.


45 minutes isn’t so bad. It was a 35 minute drive every day for me to get to work. I think its so funny a lot of people here in the city I live in complain that a ten minute commute is too long…

45 minutes to an hour was all I ever knew and they think 10 minutes is long. I grew up just enjoying the drive. It was my “me” time. Crank up my music and forget about everything else.


I don’t bother with things like “sight” or “visibility”. I live in the sticks, damn it. It does get old pretty quickly, though. Sure, it’s purdy, but it gets to be something you get used to seeing and stops being special after a while. Wish I lived close to things so I wouldn’t be perpetually bored. Also, the internet is shit out here. It sucks. Funny I say that right after cursing myself for being an introvert.


After living in a city for the last two years and I have many years yet unfortunately, I can safely say I miss the country side. The first opportunity I get to buy land I am. I hate it in the city. Sure there are lots of conveniences but it got old here real quick for me.

I don’t like how many people there are here. The attitudes of most tend to clash with how I want to live my life. The constant noises I cant escape. People smoking everywhere ruining my air quality and seriously hurting my wife’s health (she is a severe asthmatic).

City life sucks. I grew up all my life with no neighbors and I would trade anything to get that back. One day. Hopefully by then they will have solved this internet problem I grew up with and me and you both hate so much.


As a city kid, I have to say that I first saw the night sky unobstructed was when I was 16. My dad and I were on a fishing trip at mammoth and one night we went on a little road far from the town to a flat area.

Totally dark. I leave the car and look up. After my eyes adjusted I…was completely blown away. I was there staring at it for a good half hour just looking at it. I would’ve stayed longer but it was really late (and really damn cold) but it’s somet I won’t forget. Unfortunately I don’t have many opportunities to see it but I wish I did.

It was a feeling that I couldn’t possibly describe but I can’t wait to go out and see it again. ^w^


Never actually seen stars. I’ve seen a sunrise, but not stars.


I almost can’t function properly without at least 30 minutes of privacy a day.


The sun is a star so…


The sun? What’s that? I spend the majority of my time indoors in the comfort of darkness.


<Uh huh huh huh.


Touche sir.



Some parts of Texas where I live the stars are bright and are really visible.


ive never seen the sky full of a million stars once in my life