Light attack chaining


Where the monster chains auto attacks to cancel every jetpack use. Is there any ways to counter this outside keep smashing spacebar till you get lucky?


When he goes in for a heavy attack- which is every three or four melees I think- then dodge. Works for me.


They changed heavy attack this patch. It’s now every 5 seconds always. Unless they lied about another patch note >_>


Every five seconds, then. Light attacks don’t do enough damage to be an issue, and your Medic can easily outheal that. Save fuel, and when he goes to use an ability or heavy attack, GTFO. :stuck_out_tongue: Unless it’s like Vortex or Mines- then I’d let him hit me and use the distance gained from knockback to escape.


My issue is when I’m playing medic, and they abuse this. Especially if playing something like Val/Laz. Wonder if back dashes would get you out of the range. It seems to stop me while preparing to do a boost not right at the start.


When you are the Medic it’s trickier, but the same tactic still holds true, and once you’re out of the danger zone a quick burst will get back in good health.


Guess it’s free damage for the rest of your team. Probably should just eat the damage, jetpack dodge, and wait for a follow up skill to jetpack dodge again.


Exactly. Light attack chaining means Assault and Support can really dig in, and if you time your dodge well you can get away with no damage too. :slight_smile:


I’m having massive success as Val with the improved jump height perk. Makes dodging so much easier and greatly takes pressure off the jetpack as well.


Is this what melee stamina meant?
Are you sure about this?


“Light attacks don’t do enough damage to be an issue, and your Medic can easily outheal that.”

That’s accurate and highlights an absurdity. So the monster can pin me in a corner and endlessly attack and even a stage 3 can’t down me as long as a medic is healing me.

…so, the monster has to use abilities to deal enough damage to overcome medic healing. It means only burst damage matters. So if you can’t deal enough damage in less than 5 seconds, you haven’t done any damage at all? Doesn’t that strike anyone as REALLY unbalanced?



like wtf


…no…When you’re domed as monster you’re trying to run down the clock. If you have 1 pinned and another only healing/shielding, then you’re getting smallish damage compared to what you could be getting


Yes. The game favors hunters. Fact.