Lifesize Gobi Project

I am thinking of working on creating a life-size or close to life-size Gobi that would sit on your shoulder, much in the style of Woodbabies:
If you’ve been to a ren fair you have seen these puppets. Also, I have seen full latex non-puppets like this:

I would love to be able to create the Gobi for latex since it’d be a little more economical but I have never worked with the stuff…so if there is another artist out there familiar with making hollow latex props, perhaps we can combo our skills. I’m totally open to TRS getting involved too. I think this would be an awesome, fun idea that could bring in some cash to TRS since we will be seeing some cosplayers out there! With latex it would be easily reproducible.

If not latex, I may try to do one out of clays and fabrics and see how it goes…but of course it would be a one-of creation.

What I would like to have though and photos of Gobi, specifically the top of his head and back. If you can grab shots in-game I’d be much obliged.


Gobi sees all, do it. ^.^

If you’re patient you could wait for the turnaround to get posted; I think it would be a lot less painful than snapping in-game pictures at every angle.

Most admirable of causes.

Gotta make Gobi’s sanctuary.

True, I am going to see if I can get some of these images.

I’m sorry, I laughed. @Shin Coincidence, or something more sinister?

And oh my god yes please. Gobi is adorable. ^.^

Something is definitely sinister here…

I found out today, that Sledge is a follower of the Hypnotoad. Those people are always up to something.

Or Sledge is the leader of the Hypnotoad group. :scream:

@SledgePainter Wai yew do dis? :wink:

No, that can’t be. The Hypnotoad is the leader of the group.

Careful not to derail, it’s about to happen. O.o
It always happens with me.

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One thing, Sledge- how would you keep him on the shoulder?

Make his tail wrap slightly around the arm or something?

It would help stabilize him most likely.

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Hmm. I’m just curious.

When I was younger I once made a little bird puppet out of bits and pieces I found. I could not keep it stable on my shoulder.

It depends how I work up the legs, but I could have him sit atop a “saddle” that would strap/pin to your shoulder. Also, wires in Gobi’s tail could help. Or, if he is light weight enough (latex), only pinning would do.


I’m going to go try this now. First, to make a bird! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I plan on playing a bit later on - If you like, I can do some measurements of crow’s head and use it as a reference to get some specific scaled dimensions of Gobi’s body, if you like.

Sure, every little bit helps! It’ll give me an idea of what size I will need to work at…life size might be a little too large.

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Good Luck. #GobiSeesAll

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Ok! here is what I got. I used some proportions to get as many dimensions as I could. I didn’t have a good way to show each section super accurately, so here is what I penciled up quick like. I saved a psd copy so I can get clearer dimensions later.


I am thinking that in order to make it more stable for shouldering, he may need to rest on the shoulder much like the dragon sample above…not seated like he normally is or bird like. I am not sure about this, as I am also figuring that with poseable enough gauge wiring it could be attempted, especially with the tail. Hmm, gonna need to do some designs.

I can’t imagine how supremely difficult this must be. I struggled to make simplistic things with pieces of cardboard. Never really been good at this stuff. :slight_smile: