Life Movie Discussion Thread


I knew how the movie would end but damn.

Anyone else see it?


Uh… what movie? 10 Lifes?


“Life” starring Deadpo…er…Ryan Reynolds.

I have it, have not seen it yet though.


Ohhhhh, Life. Why does it say 10 Lifes in the title?

Anyways, I thought it was bad. Didn’t like it one bit.


Character limits, probably.


Boom, God-like. You’re welcome everyone, no compensation needed, just doing what anyone else would do if they were in a position like mine, happy to help. :thumbsup:


I was tired from seeing it, so I was basically brain dead.

Yes, the movie Life. Like what Mountain said.


It was decent and fairly predictable with the 1 ‘real’ surprise being who the first person was to die. I liked how it killed and moved. Not a bad movie, but nothing super original either. Solid B for me.


Wasn’t really happy with the humans in that movie. They made the most blatantly dumb decisions that no one in their position would have made.
I think its funny how Evolve has some of the more interesting and original monsters than recent films