Life Hacks-Make Life Easier!


We know some type of Life hack, even if they aren’t useful, they sure are fun to know about. Share some of your life hacks with the forums!

Adding Vodka to your shampoo can actually help cleanse the scalp, keeping hair strong and healthy.

Feeling sleepy?
Hold your breath until you cant anymore and then breathe out slowly. This will increase your heart rate.

Sticking your fingers in your ears can stop hiccups almost immediately!

Honey helps heals acne scars. Just dab it on and leave it for a few hours then wash off!

People who sleep late have more mental stamina and can outperform early risers.

Rolling your clothes can keep them from getting wrinkles a suitcase!

Drinking 2 cups of cold water on a empty stomach can boost metabolism by 30%.

If you wake up earlier than the alarm, don’t try to go back to sleep. It will actually make you groggy throughout the day.

Holding money in your hand actually reduces your stress!

Trying to cut sugar out of your diet? Freeze bananas. They’re much sweeter that way and you’ll have a tasty treat.

Clothes shrink too small? Soak clothes in a mixture of hot water and hair conditioner for 5 minutes, to unshrink them.

If you ever have to park in a city at night, park in front of a bank.They’re always lit up and have cameras everywhere.

Studying or working in your room? Keep your shoes on. Your mind associate having your shoes on with being busy.

You can clear cigarette smoke in a room by spinning a wet towel around.

If you don’t throw away your Starbucks cups, refills are only 50 cents!

To fall asleep quickly, make up a story inside your head.

The google chrome extension, TLDR, will give you short summaries of long articles online.


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