Life auto-regeneration?


Well, on the match of E3 tournament, I noticed that Hyde’s life regenerated automatically…

That happened while Lazarus was dead.
Was it for the match ? Or a Perk ? Or…is it totally normal ? (which would be a little strange…)


It’s a perk, you see it in the start of some of the matches when hunters are in the lobby


That’s way better than the others…!

Basically, each time you didn’t incap a hunter with this perk during a fight, it has been totally pointless.
All the wildlife become pretty useless since the life they could take to such a hunter will be quickly regenerated…

Well, maybe not “useless” but that’s a strange perk… It changes a lot of tactics as the monster I think.


I wonder if it works when you’re incapped


Maybe the perk stops working at that point. Or next time you come in where your 1st strike would lower by a third you would get half of that reduced instead…though it would make more sense If it only worked as an auto heal buff that only heals the hp bar you have left due to the strikes…


It does not work while you are incapped. Currently it only works out of combat.

It used to work in combat, but during our play tests, we found it difficult for the monster to put people down with that + Val’s healing beam + Hanks shielding + occasional heal bursts.

It will keep working until your life is full, but if you have 2 strikes against you, you will obviously have a lowered maximum health.


I’ve just understood why I have a problem with this perk…

For now, it’s the only one that gives you an ability you didn’t have at all without the perk.
The others just improve a little something that already existed…

Well, it’ll contribute to the uniqueness of each hunt by changing the gameplay a little…
But, I hope people won’t always choose this one…


Doubt anyone would want this perk if they have Val, also it only works out of combat so it won’t help you at all during fights.


As I said, with this perk being injured (even hard but without incap’) by wildlife or the monster won’t be prejudicial since your life will regen quickly…

For me it’s a shame…


Many of Shear’s wildlife will eat you just the same regardless of regenerating health. While watching any of the E3 matches did you guys see the Dune Beetle putting hunters out of commission?


They didn’t know yet how a Dune beetle is dangerous ^^
(poor assault…)

Anyway, that’s just my thought.


For some reason, I always heard it as “Doom Beetle”.


Because they are a Hunters DOOOOOOOOOM :smiling_imp: