Life After Death: The History of Turtle Rock Studios (2014)


This is an interview video of TRS made by Game Informer in 2014, posted right after the announcement of Evolve. It is through this video that I get to know a studio called Turtle Rock the first time in my life. I personally like it very much and introduce it here to every TRS fan in case you have not watched it. Also for new people in the forum who do not know much about TRS, I think this is a great intro video for you!

October 2016, two years from now, Evolve was officially announced to be stopped from any further development. Things changed too dramatically that many people can’t receive this fact. But despite the grief we hold for this excellent game, we still get to move on for more beautiful future.

Maybe just 26 minutes, but in this short time, let us transport through the time, let us go back to the beginning of 2014 and the life Evolve, to experience the excitement and joy that we once had for this fresh game long ago.

And at last, thank Turtle Rock Studios for creating those wonderful games that gave us very valuable memories in our life : )


There are a good few things to reflect upon in that vid. My favourite quote is:
Interviewer: “Is there still a chance [Evolve] will [go] free-to-play?”
Phil: “Ahhhhhh no.”