Lictor VS Kraken


(I hope I don’t get in trouble for this…all in good fun guys.)


Bro that’s sick I will a pic just not know…DRAW OFF???


Sure, go for it! Always want to see more art around.


Is just me or does the Lictor looks like a teenager Kraken?


@SledgePainter as always good job and … good job


who’s lictor and again another incredible drawing by you SledgePainter


The Lictor looks similar to the Kraken (albeit far smaller when compared to rough scale like here) and is a special unit character from the war-gaming world of Warhammer 40K, and belonging to a race of savage alien “bugs” called the Tyranids. In the video game version of the primarily table top game, Dawn of War 2 saw the Lictor as an army leader choice. Usually, the largest bugs rule the hive and govern their actions in battle. The Tyranids are divided into 3 main hives or “fleets,” one of which is called Hive Fleet Kraken…and is where I got the joke from.

I’d post an image of a Lictor but GW (Games Workshop) who created Warhammer 40K is incredibly infamous for it’s copyright finickiness, so google Tyranid Lictor and you’ll see an image of one and I think you’ll smile.


More amazing art! We love your stuff :smiley:


Ya, I was a manager at a boardgame store and they are definitely in the business of making money, not great games. They are really terrible to work with (IMO) because they don’t offer any discounts/whole sale prices to vendors. They also wanted a LARGE order up front. Not a fan of them as a business, but great IPs.


thanks for filling me in


Nice art, I like it!