LFM PC - GotCooKies?


Hi All,

I’m Juneau : http://steamcommunity.com/id/juneau

And this is my old competitive Clan (once sponsored now purely a social friends list) : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gck

I’ve made a few friends on this forum and I’d like to see if you all would a) like to add me to your Steam friends list and b) Join my Steam Group with the aim of potentially getting a team together in the long run.

My rules.

  1. Be nice - To everyone
  2. Dont Troll
  3. Give respect to all without it being earn’t - Let them lose it.

Feel free to add me and see you in the game!


Count me in!
We need a strong EU team to teach those Americans, who’s the real powerhouse! ;D


Saw the steam invite - Added, picked up a couple of more people interested in joining as well which is cool!

If we get enough people I’ll see about acquiring a permanent TS server for us and all our friends we ‘adopt’. never know the Devs may grace us forum windup merchants with there presence and teach us all a few skills.


If everything fails we always have DGL’s TS.


100+ ping for us EU-people tho :frowning: but apart from that, their TS-server is pretty solid

I also joined the group btw, I’ll be there at midnight, ready for the launch