LFM hunters!



I am 35 years old and am looking for more hunters to join us so we always have complete team of 4 hunters.

My PSN ID is musibat.

I’ll introduce you the others I have befriended so even if I’m not around you can have a full group. We also play custom matches when we are 5.

Its loads of fun talking back and forward with the monster. and getting reactions when one team pounds the other one.

The only thing required is a good mic that does not have noise. Plus we do not tolerate being rude to fellow team mates. We all want to win but in the end its about having fun.

Add me if you are looking for some Fun.

Hope to see you at the Hunt.



add e on psn ps4 hohoho479 im lvl 40 was rank 46th in the world now in the 1000-3000 range got every hunter nd monster ver good at the game i have friends who play this game to


will do :slight_smile:


Any one else who want to join us?


I would be interested in some more PS4 players to party with. However, I am only level 17 so far, and I don’t play much during the work week (Maybe an hour each night). I tend to stay up late on Fri/Sat to make up for this :wink: I have quite a bit of gaming experience, so I am improving in Evolve quickly. If you’re alright with that, then send me an invite.

PSN is BrokenDecoy


will ad you m8. I have work too, so dont worry about that.

the more we are the merrier.

if I have not added you by the time you get home, you ad me :slight_smile: PSN id : musibat


I thought LFM stood for “Looking for Macho”.