LFM Hunters PS4



I am 35 years old and am looking for more hunters to join us so we always have complete team of 4 hunters.

My PSN ID is musibat.

I’ll introduce you the others I have befriended so even if I’m not around you can have a full group. We also play custom matches when we are 5.

Its loads of fun talking back and forward with the monster. and getting reactions when one team pounds the other one.

The only thing required is a good mic that does not have noise. Plus we do not tolerate being rude to fellow team mates. We all want to win but in the end its about having fun.

Add me if you are looking for some Fun.

Hope to see you at the Hunt.


I’m only 16 but I’m interested in playing. Add BlisterBoy95. Have 1 other guy too


great. the more we are the better.

ill add you tonight. Or you both can add me and ill accept the friend request.

see you soon .


Hey, I’m 25, I prefer Medic, but will also run trapper. PSN: GuinnessImport. Ranked 404 with Val atm.


I typically play Laz myself, but I can switch roles. I’m starting up a competitive team, so if anyone of you are interested, it’ll take about 2-5 minutes to apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/PdHhg1ZTNg

Regardless, it would be rad to have even more people to play with. My PSN is GrizzyEatsKids


My ID is Castanica- on the ps4
I’d be very interested in what you’re doing.


I’m always looking for good hunters to play with. Add p_googs. I’ll play any role. Not that it really means anything, but I’m about 700th overall in the world.


I’m 34 mostly play at night after work prefer medic and monster but just looking for peeps to play with really. Anyone can add Pao2k14


PSN: GuinnessImport I generally play as Medic or Trapper. I don’t suck.


Any chance you could add me too? Im on my ps4 most nights, PSN is Ch3m1cal420


Hey I have a mic but its not the best.
Getting better at the game everyday and I play any role.
PSN: Flashtounge


Feel free to add me as well, PSN tag is jreindl. I have a headset and.
I can play all hunters. Just send me an invite, or party request.


Hey I’d love to get in on the game. PSN- MrThulio
Have a working mic and like communicating with team
Mostly Medic, but I can cover any role, including monster


As the name suggests i play support, but ill play anything, i was about 50th in the world for hank for a month but i havent checked it in a couple weeks, and i think im a pretty good monster. If anyone wants to play im Viciously_Happy


I would be down, my normal groups have moved on to other games. I can play anything really, Monster is probably my Weakest with Support/Trapper as my best

PSN is TheDivineWaffle