LFG website


is there a LFG website for people on this game? What I mean is, when I look for hunt games, I always get paired with people who are still determining rank and I am almost silver expert. There is no excuses for that, so I wanted to know if there was a better way to find people of my same skill level. I know destiny has a lfg website, does evolve?


Theres the (Looking For Group) tab on the forums.



You can use the forums! What platform are you on? Create a topic under the category: Looking for group like 10shredder00 said :smile:


My only problem with this is, it is out of date, the destiny lfg is updated meaning “at that time”. People who posted 4 months ago maybe do not play anymore, any other suggestions and thank you for the quick response


Not in that thread friend, you can create a new thread under the category Looking for Group and write what you are looking for :smile:


You can see timestamps of the last post and which one is the most recent.


Just throwing it out there… If you’re on ps4 that is.


Ok cool, next time im on evolve I will stop by the forums first and try out these suggestions. Also, I am on xbox one, but I do wish that microsoft would think of something like that. And the only reaason I was against using the forums was because it would just make the thread huge when it does not need to be. I hope it makes sense what I am trying to say. Anyway thanks for the responses.


As I recall we have something called Gridom, Gridiron? Iunno. I think @Plaff knows?







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