LFG PS4 for 22nd Aug Community Tournament!

I didn’t participate in the last one and id like to this week if there is one. For any ps4 hunters, im a monster for hire :smile:. Im confident when i say im one if the best ps4 monsters, so if you need one for tomorrow (if there is a tournament tomorrow) let me know! Or we can make a team with a bunch of people on the forums, fun for all! :smile:

why not use your team?

Seeing how upset people got at esl players playing together, ill be honorable and play with randoms(so i dont get ripped a new one for playing with my team)

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I don’t think there is. We have a Weekend Challenge instead, for Bucket Infinity skins.

Hopefully next weekend then!

It’s confirmed to be on the 22nd of August.

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Thanks man :smile:

Could you change this to a LFG PS4 for me then? It would be greatly appreciated

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