LF Team X1


Hi all. I’m looking for a few players to play with on the Xbox 1. I’ve only played a few games during the beta (its was a busy week so I wasn’t able to put in as much time as I wanted) but will definitely be playing this more on release. Most of my game time will be on the weekends and I am looking for somewhat of a semi-competitive team.

If this game goes onto a pro-circuit, I will definitely consider putting in commitment to do tournaments.

Right now, I’m gearing towards the medic class and have tried the assault class a couple times.

Of course I’m also open to just doing some casual games as well. My Gamertag is: Darkstar8239


There’s a list of forumers on xb1 here, I imagine that they’d all be willing to join you


Thanks! I did go onto Gridom earlier but there are no lobbies up (Guessing b/c the games not out). I also went into the forum where you select which platform you’re playing on, which class, and if you’re casual or competitive.

Just wanted to throw another post to drive some additional traffic for me since this game will be heavily reliant on teamwork, unless you’re playing the monster of course. But wanted to also post to give out some additional details about what kind of team I’m looking for.

Anyways I cannot wait for the release!


Add me- Olafaloofian

Also, I made an LFG website for Evolve, check it out :slight_smile: www.evolvelfg.wix.com/evolvelfg


Add me Gt is Legitcatcher
looking forward to playing evolve with people.