LF Medic and Trapper PC


Me and my friend have been playing since launch and love the game but are fed up with those random lone wolves players that don’t play as part of a team and constantly cost us the game against experienced monsters we play as Support and Assault but are looking for a good medic and trapper we have a ts for use when playing and are from the uk


Hey I’m looking for a group, I play either assault, trapper or medic, prefer medic though. Hit me up on steam: bettyfettles


Trust someone who loves the “concept” of asymmetrical MP games that require coordination and comms, but understands that you simply cannot demand that of PUGs; this will never happen.

PUGs are, by their very nature, unpredictable, and more prone to a Hunter group failure because of that. Invariably, this game’s entertainment value suffers heavily as a result. (Unless you don’t mind losing a lot). Conversely, when playing with friends, this game is beyond amazingly fun.

To me, this is just the nature of the game.


Yeah game is amazing with the right people, try this for finding other gamers faster



Are you just looking for guys to play with or do you wanna be a part of a competitive team?


medic main here from uk steam name is eRoN or w0lf_


MEDIC HERE been playing since big alpha and played beta… look me up on steam Mr.Shhh almost same pic as here.


I play trapper mostly and I am starting to get into medic play. I have a rare skill among Evolve players, it seems, known only by its mysterious nickname ‘not dying for no reason’ which is why I am good at both roles. I also am aware of what a microphone is (which helps with communication no?). Steam name William445


what does LF stand for?


English time zone Euro time Zone


Very experienced trapper looking for 3 good players to play with. Must be English speaking and use voice coms ever mumble TS ect. I play at high level. However also require others to play at same level.

More then willing to try out.

Leave me message or put 1 on my wall.


Hey guys, I main medic and got 60 hours played mostly as medic. Hit me up on steam for a chat.


hey guys, im a trapper. mostly play as trapper. add me pls. i can learn fast.



I’m a trapper