LF Competitive Team (xbox)


I have been in the tournament scene since the beginning. I used to play with the vanquish guys and was their team captain back when we were called “Aint Got Time To Bleed”. Just looking to join a solid team and play tournaments. sun tzu357 is my gt.


What class are you best at? My team is looking for a really good assault with knowledge of all 4 characters. Hit me up if you’re interested. GT: poo2moo


If you need a monster for your team LMK. Top 200 goliath under 1k the rest. GT is broiiath. (broliath). ill be on tonight


I am in the top 400 Hanks, but I play ever hunter class fairly proficiently. GT cadbooger


My GT is Ninja Medic51 and as my gt probably suggests I prefer to play Medic, I have an elite Caira and my Lazarus is almost at 3 stars. Val I -can- play just fine I just don’t prefer her.

I also don’t have any of the DLC so HOPEULY you won’t need me to play slim. (I still have a general understanding of how he plays) my Caira I believe is in the top 200 (I reeeeally gotta play more often to get myself higher…) Anyways, I hope I can help out with your healing needs if you’re interested in me.


Yeah man fer sure. I can try out for your team if you’re still looking.