LF competetive Team (PC)


Im looking for a competetive Team for ESL/tournaments etc.
My location is Germany. Im 25 years old
My Preferred Classes are: Assault/Medic/Support
I got over 500h played.
Im not looking for a fun clan or causales.
For more information just ask here.


I’m glad to see more people interested in the ESL :slight_smile: gl!


Do you have any competitive experience?

Send me a pm


Sorry, but i cant find a PM function in these forum :confused:
No, i got no competitive experience in Evolve yet.


You can send a pm if you click on somebody’s name/avatar and then “send message” (not sure if it’s open to everyone though)


Nope, there is no pm functioin when i click on your avatar :confused:
Do you have any other questions ?


Found anything yet? Thinking about starting up a team myself and got 2 or 3 people without prior competitive experience down for now. Am still on the lookput for either Assault/Medic/Support. My steamid is in my forum profile, add me if your interested.