LF Casual/Competitive PS4 Players?


Hi all,

Wanted to inform you that a FB Group called Evolve PS4 has been created for those on the PS4 Platform.
What the group is for and about; Chat, Debate and Play Evolve Together on our PS4’s. Keep it clean and Evolve themed. This is our place to meet and greet other Evolve gamers. Come and check us out, group has 1200+ members,

EDIT: Via the DGL.org we are now running a weekly League and Monthly Tournament.

EDIT: WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR OUR TRIAL TOURNAMENT 27th Feb - 1st March, please see the PINNED POST on our FB Group page, thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: We will be organising TOURNAMENTS, so if this interests you please join our group and or keep an eye on this thread.

EDIT: Members have already begun organising their respective Fireteams for launch, so if you want to get involved just come and join us and go from there. Just click on the link below :slight_smile:

EDIT: The group was given 20 PS4 Beta Codes by TRS, THANK YOU TRS and from all my members, “YOU ROCK!”



You’re more than welcome to add me, PSN CivRules, please mention this forum when sending a FR.

To add, for those who do not frequent Facebook please reply to this topic with your PSNID and i’ll add it to our group list.

PS4 Usernames
I'm looking for some ps4 players to hunt with
Ps4 Player looking for a clan/community
PS4 Usernames
PS4 America need a team

Hi, I don’t get this? What have I done wrong?


Nothing! You’re perfectly fine to post your Facebook group page! For future reference, if you would like to search for other members or any players in particular then refer to this thread here:

Otherwise, your topic is perfectly fine. Apologies! :smile:


Thanks, thought I had broken some rule or something. I find forums are better for those playing on their PC’s rather than their consoles that’s why I created a simple FB group.

Thanks Again!


Ah sorry about that, I’d seen it flagged elsewhere on the forum so I assumed it was against the rules.


NP, think I made a mistake earlier with a couple of other posts so just created a separate topic as to not infringe on any forum rules.



What? I mean… have nothing against you making an Evolve FB group for PS people, because that’s just awesome,… But please… Someone explain to me how forums are more suited for PC than consoles and why FB are more suited for consoles than PC. I have seen a few people bringing this up now and now I gotta know why this is so. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s just the law of averages, that’s all really. On average, PC gamers use the internet and forums more, simply because they frequent their PC’s more than a console user would and does. For console users, it’s easier to log on to FB via their phones than to turn on their laptops/PC’s and log on to a forum. Not everybody is the same but the stats are undeniable. Hope that clears that up and i’m glad you like the FB page, much appreciated :wink:


This is actually very true, not many console players go on forums, I know this because all my console friends have no idea what a forum Is and my pc friends are all over different video game forums


You need new friends then. I solely play on the console but I know exactly what a forum is, anyone who uses a PC should!


Each to their own I guess, we can’t please everybody. But at least everybody has a choice and that’s what matters most.


I agree completely. The notion that console gamers don’t use forums is just silly.


Please don’t get me wrong, nobody said console users don’t use forums, all that was stated was console users (especially the younger generation), on average, do not frequent online forums, like this one, as often as PC users do.


Says who? I challenge that assumption. Just go to GameFaqs, IGN, Xboxachievements.org, etc for proof.


Challenge it all you like, by all means I invite you to do the research, calculate the numbers, then at the end ask yourself, was it really worth all that time and effort when nobody actual cares?


No, I’ll just continue to think you are misinformed. Its on you to make the effort to change that. Good luck.


Lol Love it! I see you’re not up for the challenge and that’s not a problem. Some people are just all talk and no trousers. I hope you enjoy Evolve as much I as I will no matter what platform you’re on :wink:


I sent a request to join the facebook group, just so you know. Looking forward to playing Evolve with the community in Feb 10!


Just accepted your request, happy to have you aboard! :smile:


I’m glad to be in it, but the group seems a little sleepy to me. A lot of the people in it didn’t play the alpha or have any knowledge about the game itself. On the other hand, the group is nice for finding those who have preordered or will preorder (and maybe training them in the ways of Evolve!) :smiley: