LF Assault XB1 to join our GB team :)


I now need an assault to join our gb team I already have 2’really great players and with the right assault we could become a great team . Being able to play monster really good would be a nice perk as well . If u want to get into the competitive side of evolve with a team of skilled players this is perfect chance. . thanks.


Hi, my GT is XGN CORRUPTED, i noticed you didnt leave your gt in the text. Send me a message on xbox when you wanna talk :smile:


Gt:Arc Jaune
Add me I’m an amazing Assault and I’m really confident with all the characters even the new tier 4.


Search hfpstormtrooper on twich. Give a follow and join live broadcast of other people playing evolve. Add me on xb1. X xst0rmx x


GT: Radical Scopez. My primary is Assault but I feel like I do a pretty good job at everything. :smile:


Try ours tday between 4:00-5:00pm pm GMT .
GT i GnM x Teleban

Your timezone and availability is ??? Please reply.


This last post ^^^ applies to all that answered my search for assault