Lf a trapper that can play around 5PST (PC)


ESL team Shear Luck looking for a trapper that’s willing to shed hard work and tears in training so we have a shot at ESL and any other tournaments evolve throw at us


Hello antoinedeadwiley,

I was a member of team taw…if you saw us get wrecked by behemoth please don’t base my skill of that day. We have disbanded and since then I haven’t put much time into the game because I was only interested in the comp scene and I couldn’t find a team to join. I have played trapper and support for taw and while I will be vary rusty at first I should be able to get back into the way of things and be up to par. You can add me on steam and https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042007988/



I’ll vouch for @Killerdog1223. He’s got solid trapper core skills that I feel can be fine tuned really well.


Hey, i main Trapper,
Looking for skillend Players which Provides fun to Play with(in a competetive sence)
i Play all Trappers, i Hit Domes and poons. I’m currently rank 7 in all Topics with Crow, if that says something :confused: but playing mainly griffin.

I’m online at least once a Day to Play, i’m from Germany
If you Are still Looking for a Trapper which isnt a pain in the ass add me in steam, profillink:

Ps dont pay to much attantion on this autokorrektionsh*t, cant Switch to english!

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