Leviathan Skin for Bucket?


Well, I was just playing my favorite hunter, having a jolly old day, :bucket_salute: , then I decided to check if we had the Predator Skins yet… Then I see that I have Leviathan Skin (Which is sick looking! But I didn’t buy it…) So uh… did 2K give us the wrong skins?

EDIT: @MacMan @SlabOMeat might want to read this.


Yes, I just noticed this as well. Even says purchased when you go to the store.


Maybe it’s their way of saying, good job on getting 310 million. Not enough skins for everyone, but enough for 2 Bucket skins :stuck_out_tongue: Or someone pushed the wrong button :smiley:


Maybe if someone pushed the wrong button, then we can get the Predator skin pack :slight_smile: Here’s to hoping anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if we can keep it for free, that would be awesome! But if we can’t then OK…




EDIT: What would they do for people who bought the skins?


That’s my problem with it, they probably don’t get anything as of now. I’m assuming they just handed out the wrong ones, doesn’t make much sense to give out a bonus that people might already own.


So does anyone have the actual Bucket Predator skin yet, and if so which platform?


No, I believe they gave out the wrong skin…


Well THAT sucks. The Predator skins are the only ones that I actually want for each Hunter, all 16 of them.


Thanks for the heads up…looking into it

  • Gertz


We didn’t reach the goal. We wouldn’t be getting predator skins for all the hunters…


Some are in the store. And I highly doubt that any Predator skins that currently aren’t available would be witheld from the community indefinitely, even if we have to pay for them at a later date.


Ok. 10 chars


I have it, on XboxOne


Yeah, it’s been since fixed


Did they take away Sexy Leviathan? :cry:


No,I bought it :smiley: !Better dead than ugly! :sunglasses: