Leveling up Sunny: Help


I’m stuck on the T2 Jetpack Booster challenge “Boost Jetpacks in combat for a total of 120 seconds”.

What does this mean exactly? I boost all the time. I boost to catch the monster, I boost to help a teammate get away I even boost on assault just to see if i can get the challenge to level up. Nothing seems to work.

Sunny is incredibly fun to play though. By far my favorite Support class now.


I think it has to be used when the combat state is activated (The teams have done damage to each other from within 60m).
If you are doing that, then I would probably say it’s because they are jetpack dodging, I played with someone and he got a lot more mastery when we used the jetpacks in the other way were you just hold the button, not double tapping (forgot what this style is called)


Here is what you do to rank up Sunny. Go to a custom defend match on Colonial Water and Power. Place your shield drone directly across from the first generator, on the other side of the little dip. Then, when the minions come, get between them and the generator, this will help you start shielding! Now that you are in combat, jetpack boost your allies while you are being destroyed. In particular, try and target those allies who are being focused by the monster if possible!


Boost people who are taking damge/ actively being attacked