Leveling requirements after 2 stars not good


Ok so here’s my opinion and suggestion:

Orbital barrage at 50 or more meters away promotes bad gameplay in multiplayer. That promotes people to either waste their barrage on a unsuspecting eating monster or a monster dashing away from party. The acheivement towards 3 stars should be to barrage a monster focusing a downed teammate or just dmg overall that would promote people not to waste the barrage from 50 meters away on an often moving target. Damage overall would be best because people would look for a monster that’s stuck in a bad place or harpooned or whatever so they would get the most damage from it. A lot of the 3 star requirements on other characters need the same tweaking for the same reason, make the achievements/requirements force hunters to make good decisions. At the moment I’m done with all requirements for 3 stars except orbital barrage which I feel forced to level against bots so not to ruin or waste games in multiplayer since a good/bad orbital can change the game.

also my thoughts on wraith so far:

This is just my opinion and I might be wrong but since we’re all speaking from our own experience I might aswell share mine.
Well. I have played about 50 - 60 hours now since release and played a lot in alpha + beta (if that proves anything) and often play versus wraith or I pick it myself when playing monster and here’s why:
TRAVEL SPEED. No matter if the hunters track me with abe or uav or Daisy I get to run and eat at the same time. Most of the games I play as monster OR play as hunter it’s up to the wraith when to engage since it escapes so easily with warp blast + 3 space. This often makes a hunt into a running simulator when facing a wraith. I’d just like a slight adjustment to his movement.

My suggestions
1: Wrap blast count as 1 dash (space) OR…
2: Higher cooldown on dashes, this makes wraith forced into more sneaking and predicting movement instead of just warp blast + 3 dash

OR Keep all cooldown and travel speed as is and SLIGHTLY nerf following:

1: Cooldown a tiny bit longer on his supernova and decoy since decoy actually can go into supernova when up close OR…
2: Decoy deal no dmg but still push around hunters and at the same time make it become an exact copy of the monster (no blinking decoy) so its harder to know what you’re targeting.

Btw the game is great!


I think hunters need to learn to cut off the wrath and not follow it’s tracks all over the map. All I ever see is them follow my trail to a t and they will never catch up lol. Wrath doesn’t need nerf hunters need to get better lol


And what are your experiences playing versus the wraith?


Just as I said if a trapper and assault would split from medic and support trying to pinch the monster or catch it in a corner. But hey people can play however they want. I gave up trying to play hunters because people don’t heal or seem to know wtf is going on half the time lol.


The bots seem to know how to deal with the wrath well :wink:


So the game should be balanced towards playing with bots? I get what you’re saying but my experiences comes from playing premade, I’d also like to add that our record versus wraith are about 50-50 and I’m counting monsters that are at least 25+ level. On nest for example with eating speed if our group can’t get a godd eaarly engagement we have to focus eggs and that means wraith level 3 + a minion to deal with if he knows what he’s doing.


No I think people should play there roll more effectively. Just my opinion


I agree with that totaly, I guess the question boils down to wether the game should be balanced for casual pugs or premades and seasoned monsters.